What our clients say about us

“Having the guidance of the Alma Mater was essential to help me stay calm, organize my time and know how to direct my focus to the most important areas of the complex college application process. From deciding on a schools list, to the completion of the essays, they instruct you to ensure that you make intelligent decisions while leaving plenty of room for your personal preferences.”

Student | Stanford University, Class of 2022

“I am very thankful for all the patience, care and support you have all given me throughout this process. I certainly would not have done it without all of you. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how things are going when I arrive! Once again, thank you for everything. I will never forget your help! Thanks.”

Student | Fashion Institute of Technology, Class of 2021

 “I would like to thank and congratulate you for the detailed work, wisdom and responsibility that you have done in search of the best school for my sons and the best course for me. A whole-hearted thank you for all your dedication.”

Mother of boarding school applicants

Windermere Preparatory School (2017)

"Alma Mater was fundamental for clearing all the doubts we initially had about how to choose the most appropriate institution abroad for each of my two daughters. You are very vibrant, focused and efficient professionals who helped us a lot, not only providing great orientation on applications but injecting optimism and discipline during the very busy life of a senior student. I can only be deeply thankful - my daughters got into their favorite institutions.”

Mother | Barnard College e Northwestern University,

Class of 2021

“We sincerely thank Alma Mater's work with our two children. We only have compliments and will recommend AM to our friends and acquaintances. The results we had were 100%, and far beyond professional advice. Congratulations on the remarkable team.”

Father | London School of Economics e NYU Tisch,

Class of 2021

 “Choosing a university abroad is a journey full of expectations and the unknown,  for both students and parents. Besides choosing a career, you have to think about the country and institution that best fits your profile. You were very important to us in a time of great tension and nervousness (especially for me). A thank you from the heart."”

Mother | University of Edinburgh, Class of 2020

     “I was impressed with the competence shown throughout the process. In addition to getting an interview for my daughter in record time (one week), they went to great lengths to collate all the necessary material and to prepare her thoroughly and dynamically for the interviews. They also helped her to manage the stress, despite the short timeframe. The support throughout all the other stages of the process was also excellent: IELTS preparation, sorting out accommodation, amongst others. Thank you for helping us to start this important project, both personally and professionally...”

Mother | University of Arts London, Class of 2021


“This was a special year. My daughter turned 18, and made important developments in her maturity and Alma Mater was part of this trajectory. You have worked with skill and professionalism at a crucial moment of present choices and future expectations; and, with the soul of a mother (alma mater!). you offered support to deal with tension, doubts and anxiety. The results are the fruits of an important partnership, which she will take with her. Thank you for everything.”

Mother | Glion Institute of Higher Education, Class of 2022


“Thank you very much for all the support you gave us throughout the process. We were very  happy to know that you would be available to handle any difficulties at the beginning of the course. I hope that the Alma Mater grow their grow their alumni network of young students, to help them to achieve their dreams.”

Father | Purdue University Engineering, Class of 2022


“I would like to thank Alma Mater for all the professional and emotional support that they gave. I am convinced that without this support, he would not have achieved the results that he did.  This is the result of his studies and dedication, but also the support of your team. Thank you once again for the personal attention, patience and dedication We are happy and proud of the whole process and of the choice that he made.“

Parents | Boston University, Class of 2022


“You were sensational, in terms of both your expertise and the personal warmth and care you showed! Congratulations to the whole team! When someone asks for a recommendation (and with these results there will be a lot of requests), I will only recommend you!”

Family | UCLA, Class of 2022


“I would like to thank you for your effort and competent advice throughout the whole process of my daughter’s applications. It was a first-class job - the individual attention and number of hours you gave - went way beyond what anyone could expect.. Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.”

Parents | UAL, Class of 2022

“Thank you so much for your constant attention and for all your help!!! Without you, I would never have managed it!”

Masters Student | Istituto Marangoni, 2017



“We are so happy with our daughter’s success. You and the team are part of her success. We will not forget your help. Thank you.”

Grandfather | Fashion Institute of Technology



            “Thank you very much for your commitment and encouragement, you gave me the courage to fight for my

daughter’s best interests. Thank you so much!”

Mother | Summer at Brown University, July 2017

“We are incredibly happy with our daughter’s acceptance to UAL! Thank you for all your dedication. She is delighted, and so are we!”

Parents | UAL, Class of 2021


“The Alma Mater team made all the difference in our son’s application process, who was accepted to several of the Ivy League schools. They also gave us a lot of help in making the right choice.”

Mother | Duke University, Class of 2022


“Thank you for everything! Without your help,

I would not be here now!”

USC Economics and Political Science Major, Class of 2018


“My daughter was accepted into all the Masters programs that she applied for! Her self-esteem grew tremendously, and that's priceless. Thank you to the whole team.”

Mother | Masters in Textile Design, UK, 2018


“Alma Mater gave me the support and structure to submit excellent applications, both for the United Kingdom and the USA. Their attention and care throughout the whole process, from writing essays and personal statements to preparing for interviews, made all the difference in the world and helped me to reach my full potential.”

Imperial College London, Geophysics Major, Class of 2014

“Alma Mater helped me get into my first choice of college.

The process is stressful, but the team supported me throughout,

and made all the difference.”

Vassar College, International Relations Major, Class of 2014

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