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Alma Mater was launched in 2012 in response to the growing number of Brazilian students looking to apply to university and other educational programs abroad. Our personalized consultancy service helps students to evaluate their best options and prepare their applications. In 2017, Alma Mater expanded to France and Alma Mater Europe was established to work within the European market.


We focus on courses and programs taught in English and Portuguese in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia and Portugal. We work with applicants from international and Brazilian schools in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília,  Porto Alegre, Salvador, Goiânia, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Maceió and other states.


Fernanda Mariani

CEO Alma Mater

Brazilian/Italian, graduated from PUC-Rio in Journalism and Advertising. She lived in New York, where she graduated from F.I.T. and Parsons. Fernanda is a UCLA certified College Consultant and CEO of Alma Mater Brazil.

Gabriela Davies 

Brazilian/English, born in London. After completing the IB Diploma at The British School, Rio de Janeiro, she studied Communication in London. Gabriela has worked in PR and government relations.

Corinne Tisserand

German, graduated in International Relations from Brown University. She has worked as an educational consultant for almost ten years, both in Brazil and in Europe. CEO of Alma Mater Europe.

Nina Hanbury

Brazilian, graduated from the London School of Economics and worked as a research assistant at Leiden University. She specializes in applications to the United Kingdom.

Simone Rodrigues

Works in the finance department. Has 18 years of experience in the financial and administrative departments of large companies.

Isabel Canelhas

Portuguese, born in Mozambique, Isabel holds a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Lisbon. She guides students interested in doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Portugal.

Amnon Armoni

Brazilian-American, he holds a master's from Pace University, NY. Amnon worked at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Institut Français de la Mode. He is responsible for Alma Mater SP and is associate professor at FAAP, São Paulo.

Wendy Turner

South African, studied languages and psychology at Rhodes University and then completed her Honours degree in Translation Studies at the University of South Africa. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2014.

João Fisher

Attended the British School in Rio, and then studied Economics at PUC-Rio and Classics at University College London (UCL). Has just completed his masters at the University of Oxford.

Lisa-Maria Radano

Professional, multi-talented writer with experience in cinema, television, theater and journalism. She graduated from Tufts University with a major in Theater.

Elissa Rose

Elissa is English and graduated in Classics from University College London (UCL). Elissa has lived in Rio since 2017 and been an editor and copywriter for more than eight years. .

Luiza Provedel

Brazilian, graduated in Portuguese-English Literature from PUC-Rio, with a master's in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London. Luiza is finishing her doctorate in English Literature at the University of Lisbon.

Patricia Pasqual

Patricia is Brazilian, having completed high school at Chapel, in São Paulo. After university in Brazil, she graduated as a master in Australia. Patricia is a recognized Translator/Interpreter by Alumni, and a College Consultant certified by UCLA. .

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