Independence, Maturity, Learning

BOARDING SCHOOL | a pre-university opportunity

Having an experience abroad is a fantastic way to gain independence and maturity. It is also a way to learn new languages, meet new people, develop new skills - social, sporting and artistic, amongst others. For many, this opportunity happens even before university. That's why we work with a list of schools tailored to each student’s profile, for study abroad in the UK, the US, Switzerland, and Australia.

Prep Schools offer an American High School Diploma with AP subjects and unparalleled preparation for American colleges.

From 14 years of age

British schools prepare students for A-Levels and the IB Diploma. Schools that are simultaneously traditional and innovative, and have global recognition.

11+, 13+ and 16+ years of age
Various ages

Some of the best schools in the world. Offering a multilingual experience, exceptional extracurricular activities and a tailor-made international academic curriculum. Students can choose between A-Level, IB Diploma, US High School Diploma, BAC and Abitur

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